Monthly Fresh Sheet


Hefner Roll $18.95
shrimp tempura, mango, cucumber, avocado, lime, topped with tuna,
black tobiko and sriacha cayenne sauce.

Okasan Roll $13.95
shrimp tempura, unagi, house sauce, cucumber, avocado, then the
whole roll tempured until crisp

JoeWho Roll $17.95
soft shell  crab w. avocado, radish sprouts, and cucumber,
topped w. hamachi and roasted jalapeno

Maria Maria $13.95
a sashimi roll with tuna, hamachi, sake, kaiware, kaiso, avocodo,
wrapped in a english cucumber wrap 

Super Sonic Roll $15.95
crispy unagi, w. asparagus, topped with japanese takuan and pickled cucumber

Vegipilar Roll  $13.95
crispy tofu, cucumber, japanese pickles and avacado on top 

Hijiki  $7.95
black ocean seaweed from japan, w. tofu, carrots,
braised in soy sauce sake and dashi

Sunny Hollow Oysters  $8.25
3 half shell oysters topped w. wasabi roe, red hot sauce and ponzu citrus sauce

Blue Fin Toro $15.95 / $14.95
OToro fatty belly nigiri / Chutoro medium fatty nigiri

Shimaji Crudo  $14.95
striped horse mackeral sliced over english cuccumber, topped with charred garlic, radish sprouts and drizzled w. lemon truffle oil 

Feng Long Bao  $9.95
Feng's special mini dumplings filled w. pork and consomme
served w. a red vinegar chili oil sauce

Thai Garlic Shrimp w. Okra  $19.95
shrimp and okra in a thai basil garlic bean paste served w. rice

Sweet & Sour Garlic Spareribs  $11.95
braised cantonese spareribs in a tangy garlic sweet & sour szechuan sauce

Beef Shishito  $16.95
beef, shishito peppers, wood ear mushrooms, in a schezuan
peppercorn sauce served w. crispy saifun noodles

*Notice consuming RAW or UNDERCOOKED meats, poultry, seafood shelfish or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness