Monthly Fresh Sheet

Lickitysplit Roll $15.95
salmon skin and salmon roll, yamagobo,cuc, avocado,topped
w. seared black cod, ja;apeno, gochejan sauce.


Loxness Roll $17.95

applewood smoked salmon, asparagus roll topped w.capers and cilantro

Feng Long Bao   $9.95

feng's soup dumplings w. a red vinegar ginger sate sauce. 

Hefner Roll $17.95

shrimp tempura roll w. mango, lime and avocado topped w. tuna, 

black tobiko and  a sriacha cayenne sauce.

MariaMaria  Roll
tuna, salmon, hamachi sashimi roll w. kaiware,avo, kaiso, and
wrapped in an english cucumber.

JoeWho  Roll  $16.95
softshell  crab rol l topped with hamachi, roasted jalapeno, and  masago.

Blue Fin  Otoro/Chutoro $15.95/14.95

fatty blue fin tuna nigiri.

Sable Fish Cheeks 
alaskan black cod in a lemon dill, parsley, thyme tempura batter
served w. dashi broth.

Thai Garlic Shrimp Okra  $15.95
shrip and okra in a thai  garlic bean sauce w. rice.

Beef n Shisito peppers

beef, shisito peppers , earwood mushrooms in a szechuan peppercorne sauce.

Garlic Spareribs

crispy spareribs and pork belly  in a sweet n sour garlic sauce.

Shiso Hotate Bacon Ni 

 scallop wrapped in bacon, plum paste,and shiso leaf  served w. a miso 

mustard sauce.