Monthly Fresh Sheet


Blue Fin Toro $16.95 / $15.95
OToro fatty belly nigiri / Chutoro medium fatty nigiri

L&C rice crispy  $18.95 
linda and candy"s fave crispy rice roll  topped w. tuna mango poke and fried crispy truffle scallions

Okasan Roll $14.95
Shrimp tempura, unagi, house sauce, cucumber, avocado, then the
whole roll tempured until crisp


JoeWho Roll $18.95
Soft shell  crab w. avocado, radish sprouts, and cucumber,
topped w. hamachi and roasted jalapeno


Yasai Haru Roll $14.95
Japanese pickles, with English cucumber, avocado,
topped w. a grilled zucchini, shitake mushroom  


Vegipilar Roll  $13.95
Fried tofu, asparagus, English cucumber, sesame seaweed salad,
takuan, topped with layered avocado


Iwashi  $8.95

japanese sardine

Kohada  $9.95

gizzard shad

Bronzino konbu ni $8.95

stripped  bass pressed in seaweed w. shiso, chili paste, and ponzus  

Feng Long Bao  $10.95
Feng's special mini dumplings filled w. pork and consomme
served w. a red vinegar chili oil sauce


Soft Shell Crab Platter  $18.95
Crisp soft shell crab with red leaf lettuce, jicama, herbs,
 seared w nuoc cham sauce

Beef Shishito  $16.95
Beef, shishito peppers, wood ear mushrooms, in a schezuan
peppercorn sauce served w. crispy saifun noodles


*Notice consuming RAW or UNDERCOOKED meats, poultry, seafood shelfish or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness